Motivating Tunes

by Grey Lenses

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released January 15, 2016

© Grey Lenses, 2016



all rights reserved


Grey Lenses Russia

The name “Grey Lenses” was picked in 2008 as a band’s name but now it's a one-man band. After participating in various creative activities, Grey Lenses released a lo-fi minimal synth EP "Perfect Conditions" in February, 2015. The next EP, "Motivating Tunes", was released in January, 2016 ... more

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Track Name: Cell
I mean I've got lack of freedom
Freedom is something that's far
I don't feel like it is real
I am locked in a small jar

Can I quit if I would like to?
Can I go or must I stay?
I take part in lazy strikes to
Go on games I'm forced to play.

Liberty exists on paper
I have never really seen it
Teach me, mother's little helper,
'cause my patience's growing thinner.

Must I be pushed in the future?
Must I act if I don't want?
I can't find the answers, and you
Make me feel that it's my fault.

Well, this town seems so hostile
Like there is dust in my nose
I don't wanna keep on low profile
But I heard it could be worse

May I check all different options?
I'm not sure, I might be wrong
I reject to make a fortune
If we're fortunate with none.

Sky is clear if there's no clouds
It's uncertain if it's war
I'm still here, it doesn't count
I am blocked by Heaven's door

I must leave this odd far corner
I must drop all useless weight
I must cross the mental border
Or at least suppress the hate!
Track Name: The Windstorm
Why does the salvation come too late?
Why do we think our doings were that great?
I'm tired to be a partisan in the world web
There are only two ways: to act or to regret!

I guess I have been cursed for being foxy.
To be brave just for a day isn't worth it.
The randomness shines like a plastic dagger.
When I demand what's mine, I look more like a beggar.

Not to make mistakes, we need to exercise more
It was way too dark during this dialogue
You accused me of having wrong attitude
Yes, I've never been gentle, yes, I've always been rude.

Why is it so hard to make decision now?
The others want you to live like a frightened coward.
I wanted to inherit my rights and liberate my will,
But I have got no rights: I push rocks up a hill.
Track Name: Curiosity (Lead Masks)
Sometimes you need to be naive
To reach forbidden knowledge
The final test of your belief
A secret mission of New Dark Age

How much would you pay for curiosity?

Experience what can't be seen
Protect your eyes from brightest light
And as you climb up this high hill,
You start to doubt you're doing right

So, would you die for curiosity?

You were afraid of being late
To gates that merely existed
You rushed to meet your creepy fate
You've done all things you listed

Are you ready to die for curiosity?

Put on your waterproof coats
Leave useless towels in a packet
The devils have left their vaults
Or it were thugs who forced you to take it?

Now put on your lead mask
And swallow your capsule!
Track Name: External Approval
Anything that you say is becoming the law
I am briefly involved; I am brave but not bold
I am nowhere again, it is raining in hell

We're discussing at least
Insufficient things
Use appropriate means
I need external approval

And you will get old in a chosen department
In a network with guys who got special enchantment

You don't how a psychiс link works,
I'd like to hear a new noise
I'd like to have my own voice
But you left me no choice

After one hundred dark days, there's the half of less dark one
And I know where's the end, and I know what will be the end.